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Seeing the Unseen

Source: Snap Lock, Inc.
Date: 01/14/2011

Many food processing companies today use "vision" systems to check on possible product contamination. However, vision systems alone cannot see inside a product to tell if a foreign object is present. To do this type of screening, one must add metal detectors and X-ray equipment. If your company uses either of these types of detection systems, you should talk to Snap Lock, Inc., manufacturer of sanitary, hygienic conveyors for use in the food industry.

In addition to being an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) as well as an experienced Systems Integrator, Snap Lock designs and builds the best systems for any need that arises.  Snap Lock can integrate vision systems with other detection systems to provide the most hygienic system available whatever the need.

Snap Lock can integrate detection systems with your current conveyors, or we can design and build a completely new integrated system. We use stainless steel and food grade UHMW to meet the quality and standards the food industry requires. Snap Lock conveyor systems actually exceed many federal requirements for use in the food industry.

No one wants a customer to discover some foreign object or particle in a food product. In addition to being an unsanitary situation, customers never forget a discovery like this and lawyers are just waiting in the wings to prosecute.  The best thing is to eliminate the possibility of foreign contamination at the production level.

Snap Lock can assist with this by designing and building a conveyor system that can be integrated with any detection system you may want to use. Contact us for further information at