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Source: Snap Lock, Inc.
Date: 12/09/2010

According to David Dixon, EVP Food and Beverage, Facility Group, each new food contamination crisis is an avoidable tragedy. Because of increased, more stringent legislation, food production companies are more aware of sanitation and its importance to the public's health. Additionally, the public in general is more aware as well.

Due to increased focus on sanitation, our food production systems have changed to meet new challenges. Currently the most sophisticated organizations are the ready-to-eat (RTE) companies. They focus on safe handling, sanitary design and micro-testing as well as spending the most on equipment and facilities. In the broader food industry there is also wider adoption of more stringent approaches to production.

According to Mr. Dixon, the cost per case goes down when more is spent on equipment and facilities. Much of the equipment in food production requires conveyors. Regardless of the product your company produces, you can benefit by using the best possible conveying system. Snap Lock, an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) that is also a system integrator, can solve many sanitation issues.

Snap Lock uses a pre-engineered design to customize a system that provides the most hygienic design at an affordable price. By using sanitary food-grade plastic that easily snaps into place without the use of special tools, we have developed a system that is easily cleaned as well as changed for various uses. Since the avoidance of contamination is foremost in today's world, it makes sense to use the most hygienic system available. The manufacturer, the middle man, and the public all benefit from this approach.

There are also other advantages to using Snap Lock. Since we are an OEM company, we can deliver parts more quickly than our competitors. Also, because our parts are interchangeable for reuse we don't contribute to the infamous bone yards of the past. We can integrate our parts with your system. Conversely, we can integrate your current system with our components. Either way you will end up with the best possible system for your need.

Purchasing a Snap Lock system is a win-win situation. You get the best possible system available at an affordable price with customer service second to none. Putting all this together, Snap Lock is a "snap" for both of us!