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Free Online Tools

Snap Lock wants to help our customers when making decisions that affect their day-to- day business operation. By providing you exclusively with the following tools, such as the Return on Investment Calculator and E-Maintenance Scheduler, Snap Lock can help ensure that your decisions are the right ones.

Return On Investment Calculator

ROI Calculator

  • Let Snap Lock help you prepare for conveyor system and other capital equipment purchases and approvals by showing how quickly your investment will work for you.
  • Log on to access our ROI Calculator.
  • Enter the requested information, such as proposed conveyor system cost and employee costs before and after the new equipment.
  • A report will generate to show at what point the equipment will pay for itself from other operational savings.


E-Maintenance Scheduler

  • Log on to create a central location to record and track Snap Lock conveyors and conveyor components.
  • New Snap Lock orders will be uploaded automatically.
  • Decommissioned Assets or any other non-Snap Lock equipment may be added as well.
  • E-Maintenance will automatically link to the E-commerce store for easy reorders.
  • Archived Reports of maintenance scheduled and performed can be viewed or printed when you need it.
  • Select default e-mail messages or customize your own based on your specific needs!.