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Stop Your Demise - Invest in Your Future

Source: Snap Lock, Inc.
Date: 10/06/2010

"Healthy capital spending is essential to maintain a competitive standing and position a company for future opportunities."  This quote, from Tyson Foods, appeared in the March '09 issues of Meat & Poultry magazine. We have all heard the old statement that you must spend money to make money. In difficult economic times like these, it is even more important to keep both these facts in mind.

Now is not the time to cut the very things that could help make your company become more successful. As Tom Peters, author of In Search of Excellence, says, "You can't shrink your way to greatness." Sometimes we see companies "pulling in their horns" when the going gets tough. Often they will cut out things like advertising and capital investment when these may be essential to their very existence.

In the food industry, perhaps the single most important item is sanitation. Never should anything be cut that could affect the sanitation of any process in a company. In fact, now may be the very best time to invest in processes and systems that will improve the sanitation of a plant, and Snap Lock can help with this.

Snap Lock, Inc designs and builds conveyor systems specifically for use in the food industry. We are a cutting-edge company using only the most sanitary components designed to meet and even exceed FDA, USDA and AMI requirements.

In addition to designing with initial sanitation in mind, our system enables easier-to-clean conveyors that continue the sanitation process. Easier-to-clean means that product has fewer places to cling or stick to the conveyor causing contamination. By investing in our maintenance-free nosebars and gearboxes you further eliminate areas where contaminants may collect.

Snap Lock is a systems integrator company. Through system integration we are able to incorporate other equipment such as scales, metal detectors, and dispensers, to name a few, with our conveyors to give our customers the best possible product for their particular use.

Snap Lock also helps eliminate the infamous bone yard. Because our components are easily dissembled for reconfiguration and reuse at a later time or in a different way, you will not have parts to be discarded, thus saving money.

Investment in a Snap Lock system provides the highest return-on-investment as well as providing the best conveyor for immediate use.  For more information on the Snap Lock system, contact us at