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Investment vs Expense

Source: Snap Lock, Inc.
Date: 10/06/2010

When reading about companies in today's business environment, several things standout as important to customers. The first thing mentioned by almost everyone is value. Everyone is looking for more value in the products they purchase - "more bang for their buck". It doesn't matter if you're talking about buying cars, homes, clothes, equipment or food. We all want to get the most for our dollars spent.

Another point always considered when purchasing anything is quality. Is the product I'm about to buy a quality made product? Will it stand the test of time as I use it?

A third point if I'm buying something that will be in daily use is whether or not it is safety-oriented. Can I rely on the safety of this product during continued use? Will my employees be safe as they use this product?

Certainly these points are major considerations when companies purchase the equipment to run their manufacturing systems. Snap Lock has the answers to these and many more questions for anyone using conveyors. The Snap Lock conveyor system is more than a purchase, it is an investment. It can actually help eliminate expenditures such as the expense of maintaining a bone yard. Since components are modular, they can be reused as your needs change rather than discarded and never used again.

Snap Lock modular conveyors are able to be customized to your specific needs. Drive location, frame configuration, control systems, and belting styles and types are just some of the areas that can be customized. This is yet another feature of the quality as well as the value of our product.

Snap Lock systems are designed with safety in mind. The snap together feature eliminates the need for specialty tools for reconfiguration. When used as intended and designed, Snap Lock systems are very safe for employees to use.

Another area often mentioned in this economy is scaling back. Most of us are buying less than in the recent past. Snap Lock can help here, too, since our components are modular and usable in many different configurations. This is just one more way a Snap Lock system is an investment rather than an expense.