Snap Lock

Modular Conveyor Systems


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Best Conveyors Manufacturer in Service and Quality!


Snap Lock's reputation is built on Quality, Service, and Ethics. Snap Lock and our sister company, FBN Metal Products, has been consistently recognized as a leader in Stainless Steel Equipment for more than 20 years.


Solid Stainless Steel frames come in 3 Duty Options to fit any application making your company's capital investment your biggest asset.


We don't have customers; we have partners for life. Snap Lock Conveyors are stainless steel frames that are guaranteed for life. Painted carbon steel frames are available upon request.


It is our goal at Snap Lock to help you standardize today's purchase with tomorrow's jobs. Our pre-engineered solutions work with your existing equipment or entire renovations.


Snap Lock conveyors can be bolted or welded based on specific application. Our bolted option allows for ultimate modularity allowing the same conveyor to be reconfigured as product lines change- Eliminate Boneyards.


Snap Lock has cut maintenance and cleaning of equipment to a minimum by using top food grade UHMW plastic components with our stainless steel frames that remove without the aid of tools.


Snap Lock's modularity allows conveyors to be shipped unassembled by UPS or FedEx saving you time and money. We can also ship the conveyors assembled upon request.

Customer Service:

We are available from start to finish with all your conveyor projects. We will provide a Snap Lock expert to supervise your installation (some restrictions may apply.) We are also available to assist with questions by phone or online. Our e-commerce is available 24/7 for replacement conveyor components, such as belting, gearboxes, motors, bearings, etc. We are your One Stop Shop.


Snap Lock frames have a lifetime guarantee! Our Snap Lock gearboxes have a 2-year/ 10,000 hour warranty, and our Snap Lock motors have a 1-year warranty.