Snap Lock

Modular Conveyor Systems


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Customer Comments

The following are some of the many comments we have received from our customers about being satisfied above and beyond expectations. If you have any comments please contact us here.


Plant manager

“I made my decision to buy a SNAP LOCK conveyor because I had an immediate need for a straight horizontal conveyor, but within just a few months I knew our line was going to change to accommodate a new piece of equipment. I didn't want to get stuck with a conveyor I couldn't use. SNAP LOCK allowed me to purchase the straight conveyor section now and recognize immediate savings in labor cost. Snap Lock then helped me design the changes with what I had previously purchased to accommodate the additions!”

Maintenance Manager

“We ordered SNAP LOCK conveyor because of how many line changes a year we have and we can take advantage of reusing the components.”


Maintenance Manager

“I was able to order SNAP LOCK conveyors for use in my R&D project prior to final layout with confidence I could use them in my final project.”

Plant manager

“Our plant has purchase several SNAP LOCK conveyors now. Some of the conveyors have been reused in new applications. I've been able to take parts from one conveyor and use them on another. If I had purchased from any other conveyor, then we would have had to make new parts.”


Maintenance Manager

“There are a lot of things I like about our conveyor we bought from SNAP LOCK. The main one is the nose bars instead of shaft, sprockets and bearings because there is no grease and no moving shafts to worry about!”


Plant manager

“SNAP LOCK was able to provide a complete conveyor system to me faster than anyone else.”

Return On Investment

Maintenance Manager

“The first SNAP LOCK conveyor I bought I had to write a justification and present it to my plant manager and explain what our return on investment was going to be. On the next conveyor project I was asked to write SNAP LOCK into our specification.”



“Our plant started with just one SNAP LOCK conveyor and now we've standardized with SNAP LOCK. Any time we make a change to the configuration of the conveyors they still look like a new conveyor (Much better than the old style conveyor that had all kinds of cuts and welds).”

Cost Savings

Maintenance Manager

“In the past we used to build our own conveyors. I had a couple of guys that where good at welding and metal work. After they left, we started buying complete conveyors. It wasn't very long after that we found out about SNAP LOCK. Now we purchase the conveyor components as a kit with a complete manual. Any of our maintenance people can assemble them quickly saving us time and money!”

Plant Manager

“I was able to order several SNAP LOCK conveyors disassembled and have my maintenance crew assemble them and add some of our existing controls and devices. I saved shipping cost because they were shipped knocked down.”